I specialize in:

Fat loss/body transformation

Bodybuilding competition prep

Muscle gain

Strength & Conditioning

Injury prevention





I was 6 years old when I started my fitness journey. However back then it was not a passion, but more my parents enrolling me into martial arts and sports because I had too much energy. 

It was not until high school that I realized; fitness was going to be a very large part of my life. 

I was a young, skinny kid who wanted to make a big change. 

I wanted to gain muscle, look better, feel better, and overall be stronger; physically AND mentally. I have been through ups and downs, coming back each time stronger physical and mentally better than ever.  

I realized that I wanted to help others that were struggling with their fitness journey as well. 

At 18, I decided to become a Personal Trainer & Fitness coach. I had experienced the ups, the downs, and the fight and struggle of working through it all to becoming a better person. 

With all this knowledge, I knew that I could pass it on to other people and help them become the strong, fit, healthy and happy person they want to strive for, to benefit themselves and live better healthy lives.  

I have been a Personal Trainer & Fitness coach for over 7 years now, working with various clientele and helping them accomplish their goals.

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Email: bodysmithcoaching@gmail.com